We deliver digital products

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Working with Ukraine is the most direct and tangible way to assist us on the way to Victory
We deliver digital products

Numbers That Actually Matter


50+ Projects

We have successfully accomplished more than 50 projects, helping companies and enterprises solve complex issues in developing their digital products


70% Retention Rate

We know we’re doing something right when our clients come back for more and become our long-term partners


92% On Schedule

We are data-driven and our processes happen in-house, so we can afford to accurately estimate time needed to finish projects before starting any work and predict the future.

Our Services

Whether you need to start a product from scratch, update an existing product, improve and maintain its current system or rescue a failing project, we can do that and create almost any platform you wish.

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Solution Architecture





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Updating Existing Product

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Time & Material

Skip Overhead - Start Your Project

When we become partners, you will gain access to more than 12 years of our experience in start-up tech and management. What sets us from others and what we take great pride in is that we offer the full range of services. Our in-house team of developers will be able to help you with any issue, saving your time and energy.

Everything We Do We Do it For You

We offer different payment plans depending on the stage of your project. Based on the scope of a project we will offer you a fixed fee or pay-as-you-go plan. For fixed price projects, once the work started, you might come up with other exciting ideas in mind - we're happy to scope them as well and deliver together.



We leverage data collected from building other projects to predict the timeline to provide fast, systematic and consistent delivery.


Full Responsibility

Our IT outsourcing company provides everything you need ready to go, taking full responsibility for the end result, leaving no place for delays or miscommunication


Process transparency

Code and hosting are stored on your side from day one and you can review it at any time.

Who is Behind

All the processes, from scoping to delivery, happen in-house. This ensures our quality-control and much faster in-hand date. Time you might waste on looking for external specialists, we instead spend learning more about your brand’s values and beliefs, what makes you special and how to translate it into a digital project in the most effective way.



We are a team of highly skilled aces, our expertise combining the best of start-ups, management consultancies and software development.


in Ukraine

Our team is based in Ukraine, known for its affordable development rates and highly-qualified developers.

Our Approach

In 2 years and after over 50 products, we've perfected our comprehensive approach that helps us develop flawless software. We're agile, thinking in weeks, not years. This means we can start a project from zero in just two weeks.



We are focusing on working with this wide range of technologies and industries, however, it should be noted that our stack is not limited to these.

Apollo GraphQL
Flow Types


Ready When You Are

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  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we find the ideal candidate for you in 1 day

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