Custom Mobile App Development

Years of cross-platform mobile development, dozens of apps delivered to enterprises all over the world

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Application Development Service by Voypost

Full suite custom mobile appdevelopment for iOS and Android or only particular services? Select from the list below or make use of our talent acquisition outsourcing agency to find the right person for your project


Mobile App Consulting

Matters concerning product discovery phase, tech stack, prototyping, and the general course of development


UI/UX App Design

It largely depends on the User Interface / User Experience, whether or not the end users will genuinely like a given app. Satisfying a particular user's needs is not enough

Custom Mobile App Development

Every line of code, top to bottom, responsible for the application’s business logic, integrations, and user interactions


QA & Testing

There is hardly anything worse than a finance-related solution exhibiting unexpected behavior in edge cases. Professional Quality Assurance prevents that


Maintenance & Support

Long-term support is vital to your app’s growth. Both minor fixes and sizable upgrades based on user feedback count

About Voypost as Custom Mobile App Development Company

Mobile platforms are so popular because they offer ultimate convenience to end users. Mobile apps also introduce a handful of extra challenges compared to standalone desktop apps: cloud synchronization and updates, third-party service integration, screen size adaptability issues, performance, cross-platform features, and the like.

You don’t have to worry about any of it because we masterfully use advanced cross-platform development tools, applying decades of experience of our Senior members.

Many times Voypost has been addressed by business owners from various niches with a request to build a mobile app—education, finance, legal, and others—and never once our marketing, design, or coding proficiencies failed us.

We are confident that if we do take a project into development, we will deliver it according to your vision. After a short meeting we will be able to accurately estimate the time and expenditures required for completion. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

What You Get with Customized Mobile App Development by Voypost

You would surely appreciate clarity and straightforwardness when it comes to the discussion of deadlines and development costs that, by the way, are quite attractive considering that our workforce is mainly located in Eastern Europe


Agile Development Approach

Excessively structured methodologies are inefficient in dynamic environments, which is why the only rule we adhere to is mutual convenience


Transparent and Result-Driven Cooperation

We deliver incremental product updates as often as possible, supporting every deliverable with reports and demonstrations as necessary


Maximum Team Scaling Flexibility

Full project outsourcing or a single dedicated developer to assist your core team. Talent acquisition outsourcing for in-house custom mobile appdevelopment

Ready When You Are!

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

Cross-platform mobile development entails choosing a development framework that adapts an app to all target platforms (commonly iOS and Android) as much as possible, while native mobile development, on the other hand, entails sticking to a framework/language that were specifically designed for a single platform to maximize an app’s performance, size, visual design coherence, and functionality

Depending on the business strategy and target audience of a given company, either cross-platform or native development platforms will be chosen. As for the former, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Cordova, Qt, and Xamarin are some of the popular choices. In the case of native development, Swift (with any supporting framework) is exclusively used for iOS, .NET is used for Windows Mobile. The Android ecosystem, on the contrary, is very diverse

Clearly outline the niche and tasks involved in the project, then look for a company with similar use cases. Plain web search or job outsourcing marketplaces should prove useful, as well as your friend’s references. Conduct about 4-5 interviews and select a provider that best fits your expectations

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