Software Development for Startups by Voypost

Voypost transforms your specialty into a digital product. See how our talented team creates game-changing software

Our Software Development Services for Startups

There are plenty of services available to startups when building software solutions with Voypost. Check them out


Startups IT Consulting

At the start of the development cycle, we actively communicate with a client to understand project requirements, analyze the data, and prepare the quote based on these suggestions


Startups UX Design

Our UX designers create intuitive, user-friendly, and valuable software to deliver value to the target audience


MVP Software Development

We start software development by building a product with minimum yet essential functionality to test the waters and deliver a game-changing product based on feedback gathered

Full Cycle Software Development

A wide range of professionals engaged from different fields let us handle a full cycle app development for startups, starting from ideation to making post-release updates


Maintenance & Support

Our product support experts handle various technical problems to ensure the system works properly during software development and after its market release

About Voypost as Software Development Company for Startups

Software development for startups is the sphere we master. In 2018, a team of enthusiastic skilled developers got together to help businesses transform ideas into a digital solution. Since that time, we’ve been enlarging our team with talents from different fields that allowed Voypost grew into a reliable full-cycle development agency. 

Voypost makes custom web based software affordable by engaging startup software developers from Eastern Europe. They are known for reasonable rates and stellar development practices. With us, startups will never have to choose between budget and quality

What You Get with Software Development for Startups by Voypost

Here is why startups choose to trust software development to Voypost


Agile Development Approach

We break software development into small stages and meticulously perform each stage. The requirements, scope, and results are continuously compared and evaluated


A Large Pool of Developers for Startups

Our expertise combines 55 aces from project management, consultancy, design, and software development. This allows us to perform all work in-house


Flexibility in Cooperation

Whatever scope of work your startup needs, you can outsource it to us. We’re also a provider of outstaffing services, and your startup with lacking talent

Ready When You Are!

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

There are a few key factors to consider before hiring a software development agency. First, check out their portfolio to make sure they have expertise in the field. Second, pilot your project requirements to receive cost and time estimations. Third, evaluate their communication skills. Assess how well company representatives speak the language and how fast respond to your inquiries

When hiring a software development team, you need to have a predefined idea of the budget, deadlines, and requirements of your project. Once the choice is made, always sign an NDA and contract for services, where you’ll outline the rights and responsibilities of each party

On average, custom software development costs ranges from $60.000 to $270.000 and more. There are many factors that determine the final cost, though. Major price contributors are the hourly rate of a development team, the industry, and the complexity of a software. At Voypost, we always carefully run through the project requirements and do precise estimations of the final cost

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