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Starting a project from scratch, updating an existing project or saving a failing one. For your convenience, we have drawn up a construct-your-own plan, depending on the services you require and the payment option of your choice.

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100% fixed price and deadline.100% price transparency.
We will give you the cost of your project upfront. Plus, with the option to cancel after any milestone so you stay in control.



We leverage data collected from building other projects to predict the timeline to provide fast, systematic and consistent delivery.


Process transparency

Code and hosting are stored on your side from day one and you can review it at any time.


Long-Term Partnership

Not one for simple client-supplier approach, we prefer to become a part of your team and aim for long-term partnership.


Full Responsibility

We provide everything you need ready to go, taking full responsibility for the end result, leaving no place for delays or miscommunication.


Quality Guaranteed

All features pass our internal QA and CR. Developers constantly get feedback from Tech Lead and CEO to improve the quality. Voypost guarantees bug fixing even after the project is completed.



We deliver faster, as we reuse elements from previous projects, meaning about 80% of what you need we’ve done already in other projects.


Pay For What You Get

Pay only after the milestone delivery. The results are presented to you on a weekly basis. Payment is requested only after you test it yourself.


In-House Team

Doing everything internally, we don’t work with freelancers. This way we guarantee high quality and transparent communication.


Always in Touch

We schedule weekly demos to collect your feedback. Daily communication is managed via our Slack channel.

Skip Overhead - Start Your Project

When we become partners, you will gain access to more than 11 years of our experience in start-up tech and management. What sets us from others and what we take great pride in is that we offer the full range of services. Our in-house team of developers will be able to help you with any issue, saving your time and energy.


We are focusing on working with this wide range of technologies and industries, however, it should be noted that our stack is not limited to these.

Apollo GraphQL
Flow Types


There are hundreds different industries in the business world and we're always eager to try something new. We've already worked with many of them and proved our expertise in it.

  • Real Estate

    • Real Genius GmbH

  • Financial Services

    • Keytrack Service GmbH

    • Yatta LTD

    • Elevate Ventures Limited

    • Miyagami, B.V.

    • Fairom Inc

  • Retail

    • Correlate Retail Technologies, Inc.

  • Health & Wellness

    • Silatha BV

    • Pathway Medical Inc.

    • James Ruhle and assc.

    • Healthinity GmbH

    • PPE4People

    • Corti ApS

  • Sports

    • The Talent Recruit Pty Ltd

  • Marketing and Advertising

    • Schubkraft Digital GmbH

    • KeyWI B.V.

  • Human Resources

    • Wuway GmbH

  • Information Technology & Services

    • Pango GmbH

    • Impossible Bureau

    • Slai.io

    • AG Innovation Labs, Inc.

  • Telecommunications

    • Tealcom

  • Food & Delivery services

    • Wutzu Technologies Ltd.

  • Philantropy

    • Ripples

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