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Working with Ukraine is the most direct and tangible way to assist us on the way to Victory
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IT Outstaffing Services by Voypost

Product owners expect transparency and predictability in their relations with remote IT outstaffing companies. That’s exactly what we guarantee. At the same time, we remain flexible and adapt to the immediate business needs of each client


IT Outstaffing Consulting

As a first stage of cooperation or an independent, one-time action, we offer the possibility of business consulting, sharing our startup development experience and advice on the software architecture of your product


Dedicated IT Specialists

It is possible to assign just a single developer to your project. They will stay focused on the project full-time and work in close cooperation with your core team and our Account Manager


Dedicated Development Teams

Larger scale projects require bigger teams so that they make it to the market faster. Same as a single developer, the teams will function as if they were a part of your organization


Remote Managed Services

Voypost may function as a remote HR service provider, too, allocating and subsequently managing your IT staff for as long as needed


Maintenance and Support

Our cooperation doesn’t have to end as soon as work on a particular project is over – testing, deployment and the ongoing project support are on the list of our proficiencies, too

IT Outstaffing Agency Voypost is Ready to Assist You

In about three years of its existence, Voypost has managed to successfully finish a range of projects for various business niches. More than 50 projects have been delivered to clients so far, a larger portion of which have resulted in long-term cooperation. The most notable ones are described in our Clutch profile and in the Portfolio section of our website.

During the last year, we specialized in IT outstaffing services in particular.

It is also important to mention that most of the team resides in Ukraine, which ensures access to highly skilled talent, the comfort of shared cultural values, and attractive nearshoring and offshoring rates.

What you get with IT outstaffing services by Voypost

In general, picking any Ukrainian IT outstaffing company, you get a seasoned team that has been developing in an aggressively competitive environment; the final choice depends on the relevance of their experience to your case and other factors, such as the ease of communication, for one example.

Quoting our previous clients, we are confident to state that our professionals are easy-going, always available for work-related communication, and super-flexible when it comes to changing project requirements. Startup owners who worked with us also admit that our technical and business advice on startup development had helped them out a great deal, too

A Large Pool of IT Specialists

We continuously keep hiring new developers to cover the increasing demand. Only the top 5% of Ukrainian talents pass our meticulous screening process, which perfectly explains why we are so successful as an IT outstaffing company


Skilled IT Specialists

Our developers have acquired their skill in numerous projects they worked on in our company or outside of it. Ukrainian IT infrastructure favors their professional development as well


Agile Development Approach

The essence of Agile is valuing adaptability over rigid methodologies, unceasing communication over a plan, and people over processes and tools. Thus we demonstrate outstanding results in IT outstaffing services

Ready When You Are!

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

Reduced overall expenditures on team acquisition and maintenance (legal and social support and the like), the ability to instantaneously upscale and downscale, and access to the top talent from all over the world

In a nutshell, a given IT development team or individual specialist remain officially employed by an IT outstaffing company but work as if they were a part of another company as soon as they are hired by the said company

Basically, any kind of IT-related tasks can be delegated to IT outstaffing agencies (Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance…) – except for those that necessarily require on-site presence and strict secrecy

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