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Dedicated Development Team at Voypost

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

If you’re looking for custom software development and want everything to be individually tailored to your business needs, you should consider hiring a dedicated development team. This model of cooperation allows you to get everything at once; the best skills combined with dedication and budget-friendly prices.

A dedicated team of developers can help you get faster time-to-market or provide you access to constant software updates. You should look into hiring a team of developers more closely if you:

  • Might need to upgrade your software often or operate in a competitive market;

  • Might need to engage third-party specialists or integrate third-party services;

  • Have a large, complex project and require more time for development


Opportunity to work with global talents

The full-remote approach enables you to hire a dedicated team from any place in the world. Connect with the most talented experts without territorial limits and build a dream workflow


Control over the development

Hire a dedicated team and be the manager of your software development process. Everything is under your fingertips and you control the outcome


Budget-friendly services

Work with a dedicated team from a country with the best price-to-quality ratio, or hire a team with a size appropriate for your budget. You can plan better with a dedicated team


Full-stack services

A dedicated team services provider can give you end-to-end development, but enable you full control over the team composition. Try it yourself and feel the merit of this approach


The dedicated team is an addition to your company, which gives you an advantage. Hire them seasonally or for specific tasks, there are no limits



The dedicated team model is different from freelance; you have warranties, contracts, and a provider to turn to if things go wrong

About Dedicated Team Services by Voypost

Hire a team of experienced software engineers, QAs, UI/UX designers, and other specialists to give you the benefits of complete control, agility, and budget-friendly development. As a dedicated team services provider, we can assemble a team for you, finding the best specialists uniquely for your business. If you choose to do so, you will get a team created under your requirements and compliant with your business needs. 

However, if you’d like to have more control over who is present onboard your dedicated team, you can find the right people in our software engineers and other development experts’ pool. This way you get to hire someone who you feel a connection with and be sure that you’ll be on the same page during the development. 

One way or another, we ensure that you work with true experts who have hands-on experience and honed skills. Our skill evaluation process requires specialists to undergo a three-step interview. 

Who Will Be in Your Dedicated Team

Hire a team of experienced software engineers, QAs, UI/UX designers, and other specialists to give you the benefits of complete control, agility, and budget-friendly development. You can determine who will be onboard, however, there is a recommended number of specialists. They can help you achieve the best results


Business analyst

They are responsible for the business analysis of your market and your competitors. BA can help your business reach new heights


IT architecture

Software architecture is a pillar which everything else stands upon. Build a scalable architecture, thinking about everything you might need in the future


Project manager

A specialist who will help you manage the team and ensure that everyone is on the same page


Front-end developer

A developer without whom your software will look bleak


Back-end developer

Complex services integration, server integration, and other complex operation–back-end dev can handle it all


QA engineer

Don’t worry about bugging software with an expert in quality assurance

Ready When You Are!

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

The average specialist’s rate in a dedicated software development team is approximately $35-40 per hour. Considering that you might need a PM, BA, QA, software architect, and two developers, it will cost you somewhere between $210 to $240 per hour to hire a dedicated developers team

We would recommend you start by assessing your needs and deciding the team’s composition. Then, try to conduct an interview with every member of your future team or with PM individually to assess the fortes and weak points of the specialists you plan to work with. Overall, have more trust in your dedicated development team services provider; they are motivated to help your business thrive

You can talk to them in any comfortable messenger, controlling sprints or milestones of the development process. You can maintain the communication through a PM or communicate directly depending on what you and your dedicated development team choose to be comfortable

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