Telemedicine App Development by Voypost

As a recognized telemedicine app development provider, we bring extensive expertise to the table to help you build a game-changing telemedicine app

Our Telemedicine App Development Services

Whether you need to start a healthcare product from scratch or update an existing application, we are your one-stop solution for all of your development needs. See what services we offer in the creation of a turnkey telehealth app


UI/UX Design

Giving your telemedicine app human touch by utilizing best design practices and battle-proven technologies


MVP Development

Building a product with basic sufficient functionality to gather feedback from early adopters and validate the project idea

Telemedicine App Development

Our front-end developers will master the user interface while back-end developers make sure everything works well and smoothly “behind the scene”


IT Outstaffing

We match you with the right talent to inspire your in-house development team with a brand new, fresh look. Onboard your perfect fit in 2-14 days


Maintenance & Support

Helping your telemedicine app establish long-lasting connections with your TA by delivering necessary updates and tackling technical issues in the post-release phase

About Voypost as Telemedicine App Development Company

At Voypost, our aim is to improve the quality of digital healthcare solutions by developing a comprehensive platform that will make medical services accessible on your phone. 

88% of our telemedicine app developers are located in Eastern Europe. This allows us to offer engineers with stellar experience and reduce overhead development costs. We will be happy to scope and bring together any idea that comes up to your mind. 

We understand how important it is to emphasize user experience of a telemedicine software throughout the development cycle. Voypost offers a comprehensive approach, not just about building itself. We’ll integrate a platform with already used technologies and workflows.

Choose Top-Tier Telehealth App Development Talents to Turn Dream Into Reality

Meet @Nestor T.

Full Stack Developer, Javascript,React


5 years



Full Stack Developer, Javascript,React

5 years


I am a Full stack developer and love everything related to programming. I enjoy working on something new and I love learning new technologies because it always gives you more opportunities. I am responsible because I believe that everyone should do their job well and then everything will work. I am stress-resistant and always make informed decisions even in difficult situations. I can work as part of a team and have good communication skills or on my own on a project.

Primary stack
Secondary stack
Meet @Olena D.

UI/UX Designer



UI/UX Designer


I've dedicated more than 7 years to studying and crafting designs, and I've found immense enjoyment in the process. My design education at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts has instilled in me a penchant for comprehensive pre-project research, continuous tracking of design trends, and adept presentation and discussion of my work. My journey encompasses every stage of the design process – from formulating a brief, engaging with clients, and conducting research, to wireframing, layout creation, prototyping, presentation, and preparing files for developers. My passion lies in resolving customer challenges and fashioning exceptional projects that I can take pride in. For a closer look at my work, kindly refer to the following: Experience overview:

Primary stack

Telemedicine App Development Solutions by Voypost

Save your valuable time and money with solutions for developing personalized telemedicine apps for your business and patients. Modern IT solutions not only speed up telemedicine app development but also optimize the work of medical professionals and improve the quality of services provided to patients.


Multi-platform development

Today, people use various gadgets in their everyday lives. Voypost's technological solutions will allow you to develop telemedicine apps that will be accessible to doctors and patients on any device.

EHR/EMR integration

Data processing and storage are fundamental components of telemedicine apps. Integrating Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions enables efficient management of patient data and real-time generation of medical histories.


AI integration

Artificial intelligence is widely used in telemedicine. AI solutions enable healthcare professionals to automate processes (such as virtual nursing assistants), offer more precise diagnoses, and make decisions informed by global best practices and real-time data.

What You Get with Our Telemedicine App Development Solutions

At Voypost, we focus on delivering a flawless telemedicine app & website with respect to deadlines. In the saturated market of telemedicine app development, here are the key factors why you can rely on us


Agile Development Approach

Telemedicine app development is a complex process that we handle by breaking it into smaller stages. Our approach to telemedicine app development involves constant collaboration with a client and continuous improvement at every stage


A Large Pool of Telemedicine App Developers

Our team consists of 55 aces in all fields of app development. Whatever expertise you’re lacking, we’ll find the engineers to design, develop and innovate your application


Flexibility in Cooperation

Outsource the app development from scratch to us, or enhance your in-house team with a few dedicated talents from our large database

Ready When You Are!

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

The cost of building a telemedicine app depends on the complexity of a platform. If you opt for an app with an extensive feature list, it will cost around $80.000-$200.000. However, the cost of an application with more modest functionality will land to nearly $40.000-$50.000

There’s no standard answer since the cost of telehealth software development differs from case to case. Depending on the rates of a development team and project complexity, you can start within $30k or even go beyond $150k. Contact a development team to receive a more precise estimation regarding your case

To find a team of skilled engineers to build a custom telemedicine app, go for Clutch platform. This is a repository of top app development agencies with real reviews. If you don’t have time for a manual search, feel free to contact Voypost agency

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