Telemedicine Software Development by Voypost

Digitalization is taking the healthcare domain to the next level

Telemedicine Software Development by Voypost

Our Telemedicine Software Development Services

Working in healthcare is hard as is: with heavy regulations, competition with other companies, and global talent shortage. To succeed, smaller and bigger organizations revise their approach to data storage, customer acquisition, marketing, content production, and other aspects. Website and telehealth softwaredevelopment are just inevitable steps in the overall innovation process.


UI/UX Software Design

Our professionals will make sure that you don’t have to draft and design the user interface and user journey yourself. The process is streamlined with Voypost.


Telehealth MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product achieves the core goals of your organization. It is marketable, functional, and aesthetically attractive enough to engage early users.

Custom Telehealth Software Development

A final product development, with all the features you had in mind, takes reasonably more time than an MVP and involves preliminary market research and quality assurance.


IT Outstaffing Service

Hire an experienced team to work on your project and watch how your dreams come true.


Maintenance & Support

Contact us if your telemedicine software needs further upgrades, more integrations, or a complete redesign as it scales and adapts to the market.

About Voypost as Telemedicine Software Development Company

We are well-equipped and experienced enough to deliver custom telehealth software solutions worldwide.

What makes Voypost particularly attractive among its numerous competitors is hands-on experience in developing complex customer management systems with integrated video-streaming platforms and payment services. Custom telehealth software is just that: a simple CRM tool with multiple communication options. Compared to pre-made telehealth software by top-tier companies, it doesn’t have a ton of unnecessary functions, shady privacy policies, or punishingly expensive subscriptions. We build it once and it’s yours forever.

Besides, as a telemedicine software developmentcompany based in Eastern Europe, Voypost boasts good prices, which is especially important for startups and SMBs.

What you get with Telemedicine Software Development by Voypost

We take care of every stage and aspect of development, including business analysis and marketing. At the same time, we remain in tight cooperation with client’s representatives, fitting the workflow to their needs and restrictions. Remote healthcareservices will become customary in every mature country, and our telemedicine software developmentcompany offers a full suite of necessary services. Choose a reliable and affordable provider.

Agile Development Approach

Agile focuses on dynamic communication and gradual improvement, whereas more rigid methodologies tend to overcomplicate development.


A Large Pool of Telemedicine Software Developers

Freelance telemedicine software development professionals who have passed our meticulous screening procedure are open for hire.


Flexibility in Cooperation

Find the talent that is missing in your core team, assemble dedicated teams, or carry out turnkey project development with us.

Ready When You Are!

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

Minimum Viable Product development of a basic telemedicine application would take at least two months. A more elaborate product could take years to finish, depending on the scope and the size of a team working on it.

Taken as a whole, end-to-end development of a fairly simple telemedicine app can cost about ten thousand dollars. The hourly rates of individual professionals vary from $25 to $150 and more depending on their experience, specialization, market price level, and country of residence.

Look for custom telemedicine app development companies on IT outsourcing service marketplaces like Clutch or simply browse search engines with respective queries.

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