Our Principles

We aim to keep a healthy environment within Voypost, to encourage and support our team and help each other improve, as professionals and as people. There are 12 main principles to ensure the right working and social culture at Voypost and the best work-life balance.


Customer Orientation

Always be customer-focused

We should constantly ask ourselves: are we delivering and doing what we promised to the customer? Are we creating memorable moments that we can be proud of? Are we working on the highest priority, even if it's harder to do?

Put a common goal above your ego

We believe that our personal success comes with the success of the team. We do what will only benefit our customers and Voypost.

Get involved like an owner

“Owner” does not mean ownership, but the responsibility towards our customers, partners and other team members. We choose our path and circumstances can't stop us. Voypost will be the way we create it.


Team Culture

Treat your team as a family

We value our team's time and get involved in processes that are important to it. When our teammates do something cool, we celebrate their result and take pride in it as it'd be our own.

Quality over quantity

You make us better, not bigger. We value each of us and encourage new ideas and initiative towards their implementation.

Contribute to each other

Feedback is one of the key aspects of teamwork. We give and receive sincere and timely feedback. At the same time, we support each other by caring for the person outside of their role.


Working process

Abandon overthinking

Simple solutions are easy to scale and are reliable. Complex solutions are often a sign that we just didn't understand the problem yet.

Build trust

We share context and information by default to help you make better decisions and alert you to issues ahead of time. We do not share information only when it can do more harm than good.

Be a seagull principle

In our work we're seagulls, who are able to fly high to see the ocean and dive deep to actually catch the fish. We always keep the big picture in our heads. At the same time, we remain in reality and are always ready to delve into details without getting hung up on them.


Ground principles

Catch opportunities and act fast

It's a race where every day counts. We grab onto great opportunities without thinking. We think globally and flesh out. Fast and adaptive execution of an imperfect plan beats slow execution of an ideal one.

Don’t meet for the sake of "meeting"

Good days are measured by results, not activity. We challenge our routine. We never justify our approach with phrases like "this is how it's usually done here."

Always start with “let's try it”

Optimism breeds opportunity. We focus on what we can gain rather than what we can lose. And even if we initially say “yes”, this does not mean that we will end up with “yes”. However, missing out on opportunities is not in Voypost's principles. We separate real priorities from extraneous noise.

Our Team

All the processes, from scoping to delivery, happen in-house. This ensures our quality-control and much faster in-hand date. Time you might waste on looking for external specialists, we instead spend learning more about your brand’s values and beliefs, what makes you special and how to translate it into a digital project in the most effective way.



We are a team of highly skilled aces, our expertise combining the best of start-ups, management consultancies and software development.



Our team is based in Eastern Europe, known as offering the best quality-to-cost ratio in the global market.

Are You Ready to Be Part of The Team?

  • Flexible working hours

  • Benefits, such as education and sport budget

  • Working in small teams

  • Remote

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