How We Make Successful Projects?

In 2 years on the market, we have built over 50 products and perfected our comprehensive approach that helps us develop flawless software. On this page, you’ll find our steps to creating a great product, but mind that it’s not a compulsory must-follow. Depending on the stage of the development of the product, you can skip some of these steps.

We follow agile methodologies, believing that a quick, adaptive execution of an imperfect plan is better than waiting around for some ‘perfect’ plan. Setting short goals and working as sprinters, thinking in weeks, not years. This means we can start a project from zero in just two weeks, counting in measurements and estimations – and and react to any change or issue, immediately offering a solution.

  • 01

    Meet & Assess

    Any grand project starts with a simple conversation. First of all, we are all people with our own thoughts and goals. We are sure that in order to make a successful project, you need to feel who is behind it.

    The task of this step is a perfect understanding of our task. Which result you want to achieve, team and stack requirements and so on. We'll discuss the details and figure out all the questions that might appear during this stage.

    Outcome & Impact

    • New digital business model, idea or service (or prioritized portfolio thereof)

    • Clear understanding of the product requirements

    • Technical solution


    • 📥

      Problem & product definition

    • 🤔

      Market & peer research

    • 👋

      Ideation & design thinking

    • 🆕

      Business model canvas

    • 🌈

      Feature hypothesis mapping

    • 🍾

      First tech assessment


    Is the product idea already formed? - We will help to make it better.


    Do you have a design? - We will give feedback.


    You do not have - we will help to develop.

  • 02


    This phase is all about establishing a good and coordinated understanding of the product scope. It includes estimating the backlog and planning technical architecture in preparations for development.

    Outcome & Impact

    • Product Backlog (Epics and User Stories)


Technical Architecture, Stack, Tooling and Security


Implementation Plan and Timeline


    • ⚙️


Technical architecture

    • 🕵️‍♀️

      Tech stack & tooling selection

    • 📜

      Backlog estimation

    • 🔐

Product security design

    • 🛫


Deployment & testing plan

    • ⚡️


License management

    • 🚀

DevOps strategy

  • 03

    Build & Launch

    After working on the project scope, we will deliver an MVP or a digital product. We use agile methodologies and do user-testing after every milestone to get feedback on every stage of the project and ensure its quality.

    Outcome & Impact


Prototype, MVP or scalable product

    • Fully tested, secure and deployed digital product

Technical documentation


    • 🧘‍♂️

      Agile development

    • 🗝

      SCRUM management

    • ⚙️

      Setting up the environment

    • 🧐

      Manual and automatic testing

    • 📺

      Introduction of analytics and business analytics

    • 📜

      Technical documentation

    • 🔭


Post-launch optimization

  • Future Possibilities

    Future Possibilities



    After launching the product, we keep developing it based on input and user feedback, continuing our support through operations, management and marketing.

    Future Possibilities



    We offer technical maintenance of the product, making sure it works and scales successfully, with a wide range of SLA levels available.



    In case the product will be run by the inner department after its launch, we prepare a special handover with documentation for your team.

    Everything We Do We Do it For You

    100% fixed price and deadline.100% price transparency.
    We will give you the cost of your project upfront. Plus, with the option to cancel after any milestone so you stay in control.



    We leverage data collected from building other projects to predict the timeline to provide fast, systematic and consistent delivery.


    Process transparency

    Code and hosting are stored on your side from day one and you can review it at any time.


    Long-Term Partnership

    Not one for simple client-supplier approach, we prefer to become a part of your team and aim for long-term partnership.


    Full Responsibility

    We provide everything you need ready to go, taking full responsibility for the end result, leaving no place for delays or miscommunication.



    We deliver faster, as we reuse elements from previous projects, meaning about 80% of what you need we’ve done already in other projects.


    Pay For What You Get

    Pay only after the milestone delivery. The results are presented to you on a weekly basis. Payment is requested only after you test it yourself.


    Always in Touch

    We schedule weekly demos to collect your feedback. Daily communication is managed via our Slack channel.


    In-House Team

    Doing everything internally, we don’t work with freelancers. This way we guarantee high quality and transparent communication.


    Quality Guaranteed

    All features pass our internal QA and CR. Developers constantly get feedback from Tech Lead and CEO to improve the quality. Voypost guarantees bug fixing even after the project is completed.

    Ready When You Are

    • Quotes delivered within 3 days

    • Ready to start development in less than a week

    • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

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