Doctor Consultation App Development: How to Create an On-Demand Doctor Consultation App

Developing a doctor consultation app enhances accessibility and convenience for patients. With a doctor consultation app, patients can connect with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes or any location. Patients in remote or underserved areas can easily access medical expertise, ensuring they receive timely healthcare services. 

Nikita Sviridenko
Nikita Sviridenko

June 15, 2023

5 min read

Doctor consultation apps streamlines appointment scheduling and reduces waiting times. Patients can book appointments with their preferred doctors, view their availability, and receive reminders, leading to efficient and timely healthcare delivery.

Apps improve patient-doctor communication and engagement. Through secure messaging or video consultations, patients can discuss their health concerns, receive medical advice, and clarify prescription-related queries. 

By offering online consultations, doctors can expand their reach and serve a larger patient base which enhances the revenue generation for medical practitioners.

How Does a Doctor Consultation App Work?

A doctor consultation app typically follows a straightforward workflow. Users register and create their profiles, providing essential information such as name, age, medical history, and insurance details, ensuring that doctors have the necessary information to provide accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Doctor consultation app

Users can search for doctors based on their specialization, location, ratings, and availability. Search functionality allows patients to find the most suitable healthcare professional based on their specific requirements.

After selecting a doctor, patients can book appointments through the app. They can choose a convenient date and time slot, and the app sends them reminders to ensure they don't miss their appointments.

When it's time for the consultation, the app facilitates secure video consultations or chat-based consultations between the doctor and the patient. Patients can discuss their symptoms, receive medical advice, and even undergo virtual examinations if required. 

Patients can also upload their prescriptions, which are then processed by the doctor.

To ensure continuity of care, doctor consultation apps integrate with electronic health records (EHR) systems. This enables doctors to access the patient's comprehensive medical history, including previous diagnoses, medications, and test results. 

Payment processing and billing are also handled through the app, providing a convenient and secure platform for patients to complete transactions.


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Top 6 Doctor Consultation App Features

Video Consultations

Through video consultations, doctors can visually examine patients, observe symptoms, and provide personalized medical advice. Patients benefit from face-to-face interactions which enhance the doctor-patient relationship.

Find a Doctor Near You

By utilizing geolocation technology, the app identifies nearby healthcare professionals nearby. Patients can filter the search results based on specialization, ratings, and availability, ensuring they find the most suitable doctor to address their medical needs.

Detailed doctor profiles and patient reviews provide valuable information for patients to make informed decisions about their choice of healthcare provider.

Doctor consultation app

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging is an essential feature of doctor consultation apps, enabling secure communication between doctors and patients. Patients use the messaging platform to ask questions, provide updates on their condition, and seek clarifications about prescriptions or treatments. 

Prescription Orders

Doctor consultation apps simplify the process of ordering prescriptions. Patients can conveniently upload their prescriptions through the app, eliminating the need for physical visits to clinics or pharmacies.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Integration with electronic health records (EHR) systems is crucial for doctor consultation apps. EHR integration enables doctors to access comprehensive patient records, including medical history, previous diagnoses, medications, allergies, and test results. 

Book Lab Tests

Many doctor consultation apps provide the functionality to book lab tests. Patients can search for nearby diagnostic centers, select the required tests, and schedule appointments. The app may offer integration with the chosen diagnostic center, allowing for seamless coordination and result delivery.

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Tips to Follow for Developing a Doctor Consultation App

Business Analysis (Discovery Phase)

Research the market and identify the target audience. Additionally, analyzing competitors and their app offerings helps identify unique selling points and opportunities for differentiation.

Design Intuitive (Understandable) UI

One of the key factors in the success of a doctor consultation app is its user interface (UI). Designing an intuitive and user-friendly UI is essential to ensure a seamless user experience. The app should have clear navigation, well-organized screens, and intuitive features. 

Ensuring Accessibility on Various Devices

The app should be optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops to cater to a wider user base. It should adapt to different screen sizes, resolutions, and operating systems, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience across devices.

Testing and Analyzing Feedback

Thorough testing is crucial to ensure the functionality, usability, and security of the doctor consultation app. Conduct comprehensive testing across different devices and platforms to identify and fix any bugs or performance issues. Gather feedback from users and healthcare professionals to understand their pain points, suggestions, and feature requests. Regularly release updates and new features based on user feedback and market trends.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

Patient data protection and adherence to regulatory standards are crucial in the healthcare industry. Implement robust security measures such as encrypted data transmission, secure storage of personal health information, and user authentication protocols.

Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) in the United States or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Union and work closely with legal and compliance experts.

Building Trust and Credibility

Incorporate features such as doctor ratings, patient reviews, and verified credentials to build trust among users. Implement a robust feedback system that allows patients to rate and provide reviews about their consultation experience.

Ensure that doctors using the app are licensed and certified healthcare professionals. Perform background checks and verification to validate their credentials. Building trust among patients will contribute to the long-term success and growth of your doctor consultation app.

Marketing and User Acquisition

Utilize various marketing channels such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and targeted online advertisements to create awareness.

Collaborate with healthcare influencers, medical professionals, and patient advocacy groups to spread the word about your app. Offer referral programs and incentives to encourage existing users to refer the app to their friends and family and consider partnerships with healthcare organizations, insurance providers, or employers to expand your user base. 

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How to Develop Your Doctor Consultation App with Lower Expenses

Start with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Save Costs

Developing a doctor consultation app can be cost-effective by starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By launching an MVP, you can validate your app idea, attract early users, and secure funding for further development. 

Choose a Team of Experts

Look for a team that has expertise in developing secure and compliant healthcare solutions. Consider their track record, portfolio, and client reviews to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience to deliver a high-quality app.

Consider Offshore Development

Offshore teams often provide cost-effective development services without compromising quality. Voypost Talent Pool. Here you can find skilled healthcare app developers who can contribute to your app's development.

Utilize Cost-Saving Strategies

Instead of building everything from scratch, leverage open-source frameworks and libraries to speed up development and reduce expenses. Utilize cloud services for scalable infrastructure, as it allows you to pay for resources as you need them.

Doctor Consultation App Development: Custom vs Ready Made

It comes as no surprise that doctor consultation apps have become the norm, offering patients access to healthcare professionals at their fingertips. But when it comes to online doctor consultation app development, should you go for a custom-made solution or a ready-made one? We analyzed the examples of a few telehealth giants to give you clear understanding that custom doctor consultation app development is a smarter choice for telehealth businesses. 

Meet Regulatory Healthcare Requirements

Ready-made solutions cater to a broader audience, which could mean potential gaps in region-specific compliance requirements. Custom online consultation app development means you have full control over all regulatory requirements specific to the region or country. Compliance with laws such as HIPAA or GDPR becomes streamlined, as you can integrate the necessary measures right from the start. 

Cost Effectiveness

The initial investment in a custom-made solution might seem higher. However, in the long run, having a dedicated app tailored to specific needs can result in cost savings, eliminating the need for frequent modifications or updates. In addition, often available as SaaS, ready-made apps usually come with subscription fees, which can accumulate over time. Additionally, any customization needed can incur extra charges.

Security Concerns

While many ready-made apps have robust security measures, they might still be targets for cyberattacks due to their widespread use. A tailor-made solution allows you to implement state-of-the-art security protocols, ensuring that patient data remains confidential and protected.


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Lack of Personalization

Ready-made apps come with a standard set of features. While they might offer some customization, it might not be enough to truly differentiate your service from others. Custom apps are tailored to offer a unique patient experience, from user interface to specific features personalized to your practice or healthcare institution.

Poor Customer Support

Depending on the provider, customer support can be hit or missed leading to reputation loss, loss of customers and profits. Custom doctor consultation app development means you can provide dedicated customer support, ensuring timely and efficient solutions to any issues. 

No Competitive Advantage

Using a widely available platform means you're on par with everyone else using the same software, making it harder to differentiate your services. A bespoke app can become your unique selling point, offering features or services not found in other apps.

Limited Scalability Opportunities

Off-the-shelf apps may have limitations when it comes to scaling, leading to potential performance bottlenecks or added costs. Custom solutions can be built with scalability in mind, allowing you to expand features or accommodate a larger user base as your practice grows.

Reliance on Vendor Updates

With ready-made solutions, you're at the mercy of the vendor's update cycle. This can sometimes introduce new bugs or unwanted features. With a bespoke application, you control the update cycle, ensuring that any new features or changes are rolled out as per your schedule and needs.


So, while ready-made doctor consultation apps offer a quick solution, custom-made apps offer more control, personalization, and long-term benefits – exactly what a growing healthcare business is aiming for.

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