Telemedicine Case Study How We Hacked Remote Patient Monitoring

Feel the game-changing result through our telehealth case study. We’re truly proud of the launch of an impactful platform for one of our clients that holds a network of medical clinics in Europe. 

telemedicine app dashboard

Our Telemedicine App Success in Numbers

Clients +130%

The client base grew by 130% during the first year, with many new patients from rural areas and suburbs. The users tend to go online instead of visiting the clinics on-site. It saves time and offers greater convenience.


Costs -14%

Operational costs reduced by 14%. It includes maintenance of clinics, shifting of employees to remote work, automation of registration, payments, prescriptions, chatting, sensitive documents sharing and more.


ROI <12 month

Within a year, our client almost fully returned the initial investment in the design and custom development of the telehealth platform. This is the outcome no one really expected but it does make the client happy now.

The Power of the Design

  • The core features: Electronic Health Record (EHR), appointments booking, doctor selection, video calls and chats, well-being and heart rate trackers, geolocation.

  • Blue is chosen for its calming effect, white for a clean look, and green for health vibes.

  • Varying font sizes help user comprehension.

  • Drawing ideas from, Amwell, Teladoc Telehealth helps to create similar patterns and ease user navigation.

The Power of the Team

It’s never one person behind the success. It’s always the people.

As a part of this telemedicine case study we’d like to underline that all the challenges we faced in remote patient monitoring, we tackled together. Our team consisted of:

  • Business Analyst

  • UI/UX Designer

  • Solution Architect

  • 2 Frontend Developers

  • 2 Backend Developers

  • Project Manager

  • DevOps Engineer

  • QA Engineer

Technical Aspect of Our Telemedicine Case Study


Sensitive Data Security

We implemented the measures that meet the highest telehealth standards: encryption protocols, access controls, compliance with regulations like ENISA.


Brand Identity

We designed a user interface that reflects client’s branding, aligns with business needs and fosters a sense of trust and familiarity among patients.


AI Automation

We integrated chat bots to analyze initial user’s requests, push notifications & reminders based on user’s behavior, AI-powered remote patient monitoring.


Technical Support

We’ve not only created a product but we also keep technically maintaining the app after the launch to guarantee high user satisfaction.

Like the results we achieved?

  • Repeat the success of colleagues

  • Develop from A-to-Z or improve what you’ve got

  • Start within a week

We aimed to create a user-centric UI, develop a fast application, optimize operations, automate processes with AI, and reduce resource-intensive tasks. This strategy, coupled with the valuable insights from our client, who was very responsive throughout the project, brought success. The metrics, which exceeded initial expectations, honor our brilliant approach.

Sure. We can empower you both with a team or one specialist. All up to your needs.

As our case study shows, we comprise dedicated professionals, including business analysts, UI/UX designers, solution architects, developers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers, ensuring comprehensive expertise for project success. Moreover, we use cutting-edge technologies like data encryption and AI automation for remote patient monitoring software.

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