How to Find App Developers: Best Way to Find and Hire a Developer for App fast in 2023

How to hire an app developer faster and cheaper: a shortcut to find app developers & guidelines how to quickly locate skilled mobile app developers with acceptable rates

Nikita Sviridenko
Nikita Sviridenko

November 30, 2022

7 min read

How to hire a dedicated app developer in 2023

The routines related to allocation and management of IT personnel are difficult and time-consuming, so we came up with a dense guide concerning it.

Businesses that face the necessity to launch an app for the first time have to pass all of the abovementioned routines as fast as possible without missing any substantial details (technical, commercial, or others). Startups are particularly vulnerable in this regard.

On top of that, developers themselves are reluctant to work on one-time projects: the major concerns are the absence of long-term employment guarantees and inconsistent payouts. This particular issue is given special attention in our article because we deal with it in our own way: Voypost talent pool. It is the best IT staffing option we could come up with for fast and convenient app developer acquisition.

That said, all the effort that goes into various stages of development is well justified. The opportunities it holds are pretty well reflected in the mobile app growth estimations for the ongoing decade:

Noth America Mobile App Market

Source: Grand View Research

Keep reading to discover the best practices of project preparation, search for developers, selection, and maintenance.

Before you go on to find app developers

Just a quick glance at the preparation steps one might consider obvious:

  • Ideation and brainstorming to come up with future product features, the development route, target audience, etc.

  • Documentation and design drafts, so that the programmers (backend and frontend respectively) have enough material to work with and elaborate upon.

  • Desired tech stack: technologies are tightly connected to target platforms. For example, the app developers skilled in cross-platform mobile development mostly work with Flutter or React Native.

  • Budget and time restrictions. These two are fairly hard to estimate because handling large complex projects requires larger teams, and if a team is not readily available, the development time increases.

  • Team composition and location, cooperation model, in correspondence with the project's goals and scope.

Good thing is that we guide our clients through these steps during the discovery stage, to make sure that nothing is missing, and provide them with accurate estimations.


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Hiring mobile app developers: How IT outstaffing is better than assembling an in-house team

The most valuable suggestion in our guide is: make use of the outstaffing services.

Outstaffing is delegation of HR functions to a third-party provider. It is very useful if there is no recruiter in your team at the moment, and also saves money and time. Voypost, for instance, provides both IT outstaffing service and software development outsourcing to adapt to the needs of different businesses.

Faster search and hiring

Outstaffing is key to accessing the best talent in the world. Given plenty of choice,

Outstaffing managers find app developers with most relevant experience and acceptable rates.

In-house team upscaling and downscaling becomes substantially easier. In no more than two weeks, the newly hired app developers are ready to start working.

Lower expenditures

For instance, if you hire app developers for app development from Ukraine the overall expenditures drop down approximately 40% compared to developers from Europe or the US of the same level. Outstaffing also removes the need to cover all the payouts related to official employment, like insurance, taxes, state holidays, and the others.

Simpler maintenance

Team management includes onboarding, mentoring, and psychological support on top of purely financial concerns – and it belongs to an outstaffing service provider’s area of responsibility if you hire an app developer or a team through them. Outstaffing greatly simplifies temporary, project-bound cooperation with developers.

Verified developers

Voypost openly displays portfolio cases and experience of developers from its talent pool: they were selected after passing multiple tests and belong to the top 5% across the world. We test in total more than 60 skills, including programming theory (algorithms and data structures, system design, etc), live coding, test project performance, English language, and soft skills.

This methodology ensures that you could find the right app developer for any project.

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How to find an app developer in the Voypost Talent Pool

The Voypost talent pool is a unique online platform that simplifies developer search and employment: it took a lot of effort and dedication to build from the ground up so we are really proud about it.

Voypost Talent Pool

User-friendly search

The Voypost team has been able to make the search most effective so that you can locate the best developer for your needs in the shortest amount of time.

You may use different filters to narrow down the results (stack, industry, types of IT projects, experience, types of development).

And there is a separate list for mobile app developers.

Detailed information

You may find relevant information by selecting the developer profile and their nickname, self-description, education, experience, primary & secondary stacks, and language proficiencies will become immediately visible.

All it takes is a few clicks. It is how you discover the ideal developer for a given task.

Consultations 24/7

We consult clients about the hiring process around the clock. Pick any convenient communication channel: chat, email, or a video call. Plan an interview via Google Calendar.

Ready When You Are!

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we scale up the team in 1 day

The Voypost company came up with an open talent pool solution, only allowing those professionals who pass a series of tests to apply for the list. Their detailed developer profile is subsequently displayed on the Voypost website. There are also IT job marketplaces online and freelancing platforms, where it might be harder to check the aptitude of a certain developer.

It is possible to hire a single freelance app developer for the average hourly rates within a range of 20-70 dollars depending on the level.

Not only development itself but design, project management, and testing, can be paid for. A simple mobile app costs more than 10 to 30 thousand dollars in total, and the price tag only goes up from there for more complex projects.

The whole procedure boils down to assessing their soft skills (communication, compassion, compliance, openness, etc) and specific hard skills required for the job at hand (database management, payment system integration, etc). Besides, professional developers are able to learn the necessary task-related skills on the go.

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