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No slick talkers – only top-coders for your business

Meet your perfect match in just 2-10 business days. Only pre-vetted, proactive, tech-savvy software coders for hire– so you talk to developers you only want to say 'yes'.

Voypost Hire: Top Talent – Express Timing


Pay-after-trial Model

Pay only after your dev passed a 30-day probation. Need a longer trial period? Let’s discuss!


Truly Fair Pricing

We charge 10% of a candidate's annual salary which is one of the smartest pricing on the hiring market.

Save Your Time

From 1 month to 2 hours: cut down the time you spend on never-ending interviews. Participate only in the final decision-making when hiring a software developer.


Hire in ~48 hours

Our own pre-vetted Talent Pool helps us hire a software developer for you in 2 biz-days. Otherwise it takes us up to 10 business days.


Wild Vetting

Only 5/100 devs pass our vetting process. Unlike recruiting agencies, we involve our Senior Software Engineers who uncover devs’ true skills to find only qualified talents.


90% Success Rate

9/10 clients find their perfect match at Voypost and hire IT developers as we handpick engineers who excel even in an ever-changing business environment, keeping tempo and passion.

Steps to Hire Your Unique Talent

Hiring developers has never been so easy.


Chat With Us

On the intro call, we thoroughly discuss a candidate persona, the environment they'll be working in, role specifications, your preferences and hiring background.


Hold On

But only for a bit! In 2-10 business days we pre-select the most relevant devs from our vetted pool. Grow your business while we do the rest.


Talk to Bests

Choose the engineers you love from the shortlist we shared. Then, we'll schedule a call between you and each of them to ensure you have the right chemistry.



Hire devs and pay us a fee only after probation is successfully passed. If you’re not happy with your hire, we do cost-free replacement within the trial period.

Our Vetting Mission: Handpicking the top 5%

Silicon Valley-calibre vetting

We take pride in our rigorous hiring process based on our competency matrix сrash-tested on thousands of developers. We conduct live coding tests and technical interviews for data structures, algorithms, systems design, frameworks, software specialisations and 100+ technologies. 

Only passionate team players

We make sure only proactive communicators and business-oriented developers join our IT outstaffing platform. We guarantee autonomous English-speaking talent who can take ownership of the product goals.

Startup Agile Mindset

Adapting and excelling in the dynamic startup environment is a unique ability. Our focus is to hire software programmerswho think outside the box. They are ready to adjust to product priorities swiftly and remain ahead even if each day brings new changes distinct from the previous ones.

The Voice of Happy Clients

Voypost has successfully developed the MVP and is now developing a retailer interface for the client. The team's excellent project management skills allow them to submit deliverables on time.

Correlate Retail Technologies, Inc.

Sukanya Ramabadran
Sukanya Ramabadran

Founder & CEO

The impact of Voypost was huge for us. With their services, we were able to make them a natural extension of our own team, which made it a super smooth experience. It helped us pursue a new opportunity and ship a product in weeks, that we were previously not able to do.

Blindfeed GmbH

Björn Bakker
Björn Bakker

Founder & CEO

Good-quality, quick code allowed Voypost to iterate quickly on the solution based on customer feedback. They took scope changes in stride, adapting their task outlines to meet changing needs. Before accepting the job, Nikita had made a very clear breakdown of stories and tasks, with an estimate for each. It ensured alignment and transparency, and was a great way to start the project. Good communication was vital, and Nikita et al were super responsive and very specific. Changes needed on our end were clearly specified to our engineer. Issues were dealt with rapidly.


Henrik Cullen
Henrik Cullen

Head of Product

Voypost Hire Costs

🤔 Challenge

You're a growth-minded CEO, CTO, startupper, or business owner who aims to find a quality-to-cost ratio in hiring top-tier developers. You see no sense in overpaying for local developers who may have a lower skillset.

👑 Solution

A software developer hire in Eastern Europe is widely known as offering the best quality-to-cost ratio in the global market. P.S. While we hire globally, our focus is on Eastern Europe.


Monthly Salary

Recruitment Fee


$2000 - 4,500

$2,400 - 5,400


$4,500 - 7,500

$5,400 - 9,000

Where Our Success Lies?

We help you hire custom software developers to access the global talent pool. Also, most of the software programmers we consider, are from Eastern Europe which is the smartest quality-to-cost ratio on the market.


4500+ Interviews

We gained so much experience from them, that we guarantee 100% match between tech skills stated in CV and real skills of the candidates we shortlist to you.


30-days Replacement

If you have a reasonable claim to replace a developer, we do it cost-free within 30 days probation. Need a longer trial period? Talk to us!


12+ Years in Tech

We’re not recruiters selecting smooth talking engineers, but engineers handpicking peers who truly excel, as only a fellow expert recognizes another from afar. We cut through the noise and separate true skills from bla-bla to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong specialist.

Voypost – Tech-Savvy Recruitment

Thinking to hire tailored software development specialists but worried about the tech side? We conduct live coding tests and technical interviews for data structures, algorithms, systems design, frameworks, and 100+ technologies to hire freelance software developer. Here’s a glimpse of the technologies we’re hiring for.


Anything Left Uncovered? Let’s Talk!

  • Hire Now – Pay Later

  • No slick-talkers. Only top-coders

  • Reduce your hiring time from 1 month to 2h

We charge only 10% from the dev's monthly salary to hire IT software developer for you. The payment is done after your developer successfully passes the probationary period. No extra fees, no hidden costs.

During developer’s probation, you can request to replace them if you have reasonable concerns and you’re not planning to continue the cooperation with this dev. In this case, we don’t charge you anything, we re-start our search to provide you with a better match based on the previous experience. Hire software development specialists truly risk-free.

Absolutely yes! We have a huge database of verified engineers which allows us to shortlist candidates truly fast and provide you the first results within 2-10 business days. If you need, we can also hire software freelancer for you.

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