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For people who use such an achievement of mankind as Roblox, coding skills are not needed. But for roblox devs who are responsible for the creation and operation of the platform itself, it is impossible to do without them. If you are looking for such top specialists in your team, then you should definitely contact us and take this chance to find an employee who can easily cope with any task assigned to him


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Benefits of hiring roblox devs with Voypost Talent Pool

Voypost Talent Pool is the ultimate solution designed to revolutionize your search and hiring process for roblox devs. Developed by Tech Startup owners who empathize with the challenges faced by both clients and talents, this tool is crafted to meet your needs. Experience a seamless and efficient recruitment experience and hire the professionals you require in just one week.

Top 5% Talents

Our roblox devs are proactive communicators with a focus on your business goals. We have a rigorous vetting with an assessment of hard and soft skills. This ensures your access the top 5% of thoroughly vetted Ukrainian developers.


Friendly Pricing

Hiring a dedicated development team from Ukraine is about 40% cheaper than hiring the same-level developers onsite. Moreover, we have no hidden fees and you can scale or pause cooperation as needed.


Tailored Expertise

Either you need some specific industry experience or a certain technology, we have completed dozens of projects so we have always a fit for you. See our Portfolio down the page.

Quick Hiring

Highly qualified roblox devs in as little as 2-14 days. Scale your team or start a project from scratch. With Voypost Talent Pool, you can find and hire professionals at the speed of light.


High Quality

We have high standards in workflows, code quality and final delivery. Our team can quickly onboard and adapt to your business needs. See our Customer Reviews down the page.


Same Time Zone

Our location and time zone are convenient for both European and American countries. We share timely updates and seamlessly work with you in your business hours. No delays, all the progress up-to-date.

Why Clients Choose Voypost

Voypost has successfully developed the MVP and is now developing a retailer interface for the client. The team's excellent project management skills allow them to submit deliverables on time.

Correlate Retail Technologies, Inc.

Sukanya Ramabadran
Sukanya Ramabadran

Founder & CEO

The impact of Voypost was huge for us. With their services, we were able to make them a natural extension of our own team, which made it a super smooth experience. It helped us pursue a new opportunity and ship a product in weeks, that we were previously not able to do.

Blindfeed GmbH

Björn Bakker
Björn Bakker

Founder & CEO

Good-quality, quick code allowed Voypost to iterate quickly on the solution based on customer feedback. They took scope changes in stride, adapting their task outlines to meet changing needs. Before accepting the job, Nikita had made a very clear breakdown of stories and tasks, with an estimate for each. It ensured alignment and transparency, and was a great way to start the project. Good communication was vital, and Nikita et al were super responsive and very specific. Changes needed on our end were clearly specified to our engineer. Issues were dealt with rapidly.


Henrik Cullen
Henrik Cullen

Head of Product

How to hire roblox developers from Voypost talent pool

Through our platform, you can hire roblox developers who will best meet the requirements of a particular project. Our tool has about 60 different parameters for a quick search. This is the most comfortable and convenient for those people who are looking for a team of a dev specialist with certain skills and qualifications.


It is worth noting that hiring game specialists through our platform is not only convenient, but also fast. It usually takes 1 to 3 days to hire roblox developers. If you look for a person to create a game on your own or through a recruitment agency, then this process will definitely drag on for a long time. You can cancel or replace a developer anytime in the first month at 0$ cost.

How do we revise roblox developers skills?

Voypost is not only about the high speed of recruitment for the company, it is also about the most accurate compliance of the candidate for the vacancy with the requirements. Each person who cooperates with the freelance service has passed:

  • an interview with HR, which evaluates the candidate's ability to get out of difficult situations, communicate with people, etc.;

  • technical interview (specialist must have Knowledge of Lua and the Roblox API, A PC or Mac, Latest version of Blender (for modeling), Roblox Studio (duh) etc;

  • Live coding interviews

  • fulfillment of technical specifications;

  • English proficiency test.

If you hire roblox developers through this platform, then you will definitely not encounter the fact that the declared skills and abilities will not correspond to the real state of affairs

Ready When You Are

  • Quotes delivered within 3 days

  • Ready to start development in less than a week

  • On-demand: we find the ideal candidate for you in 1 day

You can easily find a roblox developer here, on Voypost’s platform. Just figure out the right set of skills you need your specialists to have and search for people who obtain them. The process is simple enough and results will come up shortly. It usually takes 1 to 3 days to match you with the ideal candidate

Our team is the living example that Ukraine is the best country to hire a roblox dev. They have lower rates compared to specialists from other countries, but it doesn’t affect the quality of their work. If you work with Ukrainian developers, you can count on 60% or higher cost reduction. To the top of IT outsourcing countries, we can also include the Baltic countries and Poland

We do not recommend you to work with freelance roblox devs, since they rarely regulate their workflow with contracts. The in-house team can, on the contrary, be a pretty expensive solution, and you might not be happy with the employee after hiring them full-time. IT outstaffing guarantees you that the job will be done well, on time, and at cost-effective pricing

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