Voypost’s Year In Review On Clutch For 2021

At Voypost, we strive to build digital products that enable businesses to digitally transform and grow through innovative technologies, intelligent tools, and experience. We guide our clients to success by offering cost-effective, reliable, and comprehensive digital solutions. Voypost isn’t your typical outsourcing company; we strive to build fruitful and long-term relationships with our clients as partners. We offer innovative solutions and implement the latest technologies to develop state-of-the-art digital projects.

Maria Shapovalova

Maria Shapovalova

January 13, 2022

2 min read

Clutch recently informed us about our Year In Review metrics for 2021, and it shows how fruitful of a year it was. Clutch’s year in review features the total number of reviews received, average ratings, testimonials, and NPS score. For context, Clutch is a B2B platform hugely respected for connecting small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses with service providers that fit their needs.

For starters, we received a total of five reviews in 2021 with a perfect 5-star rating average. These reviews confirm our expertise and commitment to every project that we handle. Furthermore, our NPS score refers to our clients’ 100% commitment to recommend us to their friends or colleagues was also outstanding.

Take a look at our recent review on the platform:

One of our most outstanding achievements in 2021 was when Clutch recognised Voypost as one of Berlin’s leading web developers. This recognition is one of the reasons we continue to provide top-tier services to our clients.

We are looking forward to more partnerships and projects, and we are incredibly excited about what 2022 will bring. Do you want your project to be handled by a team of highly-skilled professionals and experts in combining management consultancies and software development? You’re in the right place. Send us a message today!

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