What is Voypost?

What is Voypost?

Voypost is an international community of shoppers and travelers. Together we build a platform that allows delivering products anywhere in the world quickly and cheaply.

Voypost allows to deliver products with the help of people who are going to the delivery point anyway. It’s easy to take an additional order with them to save on the trip.

Voypost is beneficial for shoppers. Our platform allows to deliver your product quickly and cheaply. No need to wait a long time and overpay. Your product will be delivered by a traveler interested in your order.

Voypost is beneficial for travelers. It’s so easy to save on the trip just by taking with you a few orders in the luggage.

After delivery, travelers and shoppers leave feedback to each other. Thanks to the reviews, other members of the Voypost community will be able to select users whom they can trust.

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