All you need to know about service fee
For shoppers

All you need to know about service fee

When it comes to the financial aspect, everything should be quite clear. Let’s examine what do shoppers pay for every time and why it is important for Voypost.

Service fee is the only fee for our service, which is charged from each purchase. There are no other charges.

Service fee

  • covers insurance of goods;
  • guarantees safety of a purchase;
  • supports and develops Voypost.

The cost for insurance of your purchases, maintenance of the website and the app, customer support and internal banking — all this is fitted into a single service fee.

Voypost is not funded by third-party organizations; only our users support and develop the platform.

Amount of service fee

Service fee is calculated as a percentage of the sum of the product price and the traveler's reward:

  • 5% if the sum is more than $10;
  • 20% if the sum is $10 and less.

Please, note: $10 = 10 € = 750 ₽.

Example Service fee amount
Anna wants to buy sneakers for $100, the reward for the traveler will be $30. (100 + 30) * 5% = $6.5
Andrew wanted a souvenir for $5, he is ready to pay $3 to traveler. (5 + 3) * 20% = $1.6

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. We will be glad to help you.

Thank you for choosing Voypost!

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