How to make money on a trip?
For travelers

How to make money on a trip?

Flying across the world to see a friend or just discovering new places? Want to make money on the way? Along the way, help delivering products and get a reward at the end of your trip.

1. Publish a trip

Specify the route and the dates of departure and arrival. Fill in details of the trip: type of transport and available weight.

2. Select orders

The application will show the most suitable orders you can deliver.

3. Discuss the details

Check all nuances with the shoppers. It should be faster and more convenient to communicate through our built-in chat.

4. Wait for the shoppers to pay

Voypost will notify you of the receipt, and hold the funds until successful delivery.

5. Deliver the products

Purchase ordered products at your own expense, and arrange delivery.

6. Earn your reward

As soon as the shopper confirms receipt, Voypost will transfer the reward to you. When purchasing a product, the funds spent on it are fully compensated, as agreed with the shopper. Please don’t forget to leave a review about the shopper.

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