How to order a product from abroad?
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How to order a product from abroad?

Do you need to purchase a product from abroad? To bring a new item from the original store? With Voypost, you will find a traveler who will purchase this product for you and brings them for a financial reward.

1. Publish your order

Specify what would you like to purchase, from which city or country, a cost of the product and the amount of reward. Mark the date until which the product needs to be delivered.

2. Choose a trip

The app will show the most relevant travelers.

3. Discuss the details

Check with the traveller all nuances. It should be faster and more convenient to communicate through our built-in chat.

4. Make a payment

With a credit card or PayPal transfer the amount equal to the cost of the product and the reward to Voypost’s special account. We will hold funds until successful delivery.

5. Wait for the purchase

The traveler will purchase the product at their own expense and will grab it with them to deliver it to you.

6. Confirm receipt

As soon as you have the product, confirm successful delivery via the app. Voypost will transfer the cost of the product and the reward to the traveler. Please don’t forget to leave a review about the traveler.

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