A propos de nous

Voypost makes shopping more accessible, and travel—more profitable. We are the team that creates a platform that allows travelers to deliver shopping anywhere in the world.

History of creation

The birth of the Voypost began with a special gift.

Hi, my name is Nikita Sviridenko. A few years ago, I moved from my native city to another country. After a while, my grandmother was celebrating the anniversary, and I very much regretted that I could not come. Nevertheless, I was determined to give her something special. When I was young, my grandmother often told me that in her youth, she used the perfume of Lancôme Climat. The decision came by itself—to give memories along with the scent of light, floral perfumes.

The original perfume was sold only in the shops of the manufacturer. While I found a store, set aside time for it, and bought perfume, a weekend passed. By that time, there were only a few days left before the anniversary, and I did not have time to send a gift by mail—international parcels go too long, but I wanted to be in time for the exact date.

Further events unfolded, like in the movies—I dared on an adventure. Finding out the time of the next flight to my hometown, I arrived at the airport three hours before flight check-in and began to search for passengers. After several unsuccessful attempts, there were people who agreed to take the perfume in their luggage, then to hand it to my grandmother, miraculously.

This story ended happily, and my gift found the recipient exactly on the day of the anniversary. So I gave joy to my beloved one and realized one important thing for myself, “If you really want something, then everything is possible.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about how many people get into similar situations every day. It was then that I had an idea to create a Voypost. I wanted to help people, to make their lives easier and more convenient. Since the day until today, I have lived this idea.

Rejoicing at the results achieved, I know that there is still a lot to be done. And now we, the Voypost team, are ready to continue what we have begun.

Our team

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