Trust & safety

Based on tips and tricks gained from experienced travelers and shoppers, our service is absolutely clear, easy-to-use and enjoyable for every venturer. Move on to discover the main expectations and requirements for achieving 100% trust and safety inside the community.

Verified Users

Before using our services everyone need to verify the profile. We will ask you to prove your email address and phone number to make sure you are a real person. Verification is necessary for getting rid of spammers and liars.
Don’t worry, your personal data will never appear on your public profile. We will use exclusively for your personal verification.

Secure Payments

Travelers can either purchase some items with their own money and then pass them to the shoppers or just to deliver the stuff.
Upon delivery, our service covers the travelers’ purchases as well as an additional fee. Also, shoppers pay 5% fee for the service on each delivery.
To ensure the security of payment all funds are held on our service before the shopper’s confirmation.


Thanks to our rating system every shopper can check the traveler’s reliability before negotiating a deal.
The system is double-blind, which means that feedback won’t be visible until both parties provide it for each other.
We kindly ask you to write honest reviews after every delivery to help the others.

Package Insurance

Packages delivered with Voypost are insured up to 2000 euros.
You do not have to worry anymore, because the insurance covers the damage and the theft of the contents of the packages.

Customer Service

Although direct communication between travelers and senders helps to resolve many problems, you might need some advice from our customer service team. We are always ready to help both senders and travelers to find reasonable solutions and consider important cases.
Contact us right now if you have any questions. We do our best to provide responses within 24 hours.

Delivery and Pick-Up in Public Places

For your own safely It’s highly recommended to arrange meetings in public places.
Agree to meet up in a well-known cafe, crowded public park or in front of the traveler’s hotel.