What is Marsh?

What is Marsh?

Marsh is our partner, providing insurance for your packages. The company specializes in global transportation and logistics and is the leader in insurance and risk management brokerage. Marsh has been around since 1871 and has been a pioneer in risk and insurance services for more than 130 years.

You don’t need to pay additionally for the insurance, it's included in the price. Insurance covers parcels shipped all over the world.

Below we provide answers to the most common questions regarding the insurance provided by Marsh:

What is the maximum amount of compensation?

The amount of compensation in case of damage depends on the one you specify when delivering. However, please note that the maximum amount of compensation is 2000 euros.

How long does the insurance last?

The insurance is effective from the moment the package is picked up by the traveler until it is delivered to the recipient.

What is covered by insurance?

Insurance covers damages of the packages. It means that the amount of damage is compulsorily paid to the sender.

What is not covered by insurance?

Insurance does not cover loss of packages, however it covers the cases when they are stolen.

Detailed information

Read all the details about packages insurance by clicking on this link.

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