Shopping without any limits
Our app helps to deliver overseas goods with the help of travelers.

With Voypost you can

Get what you want

Shop original products anywhere in the world.

Save time

The number of travelers flying every day is constantly growing.

Save money

Shopping for the original price without expensive international delivery.

Shop in 4 easy steps


Publish your order

Download the app and order delivery.

Choose a suitable trip

Ask the traveler all the nuances you are interested in.

Make a payment

Voypost will freeze the funds and traveler will make a purchase.

Confirm successful delivery

Voypost will transfer the money spent and the reward to the traveller.

While traveling, you can

Earn money

Extra money on return, without changing plans.

Be safe

Voypost insures the purchase and freezes the funds until successful delivery.

Help others

Purchase original products with no extra charge.
All products are insured up to €2,000!

Help with delivery in 4 easy steps


Publish your trip

Download the app and specify your route.

Select relevant orders

Discuss the details with the shoppers.

Shoppers will make payments

Voypost will notify you of the receipt and freeze the funds.

Purchase and grab the products with you

Voypost will transfer you the money spent and the reward to the traveller.
Shop and travel more profitable with us
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