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Thousands of people travel every day. Send your package and it will be delivered in just a couple of hours!


Traveler’s reward is only up to you!


All packages are insured. Secured payment. Reliable travelers.
All packages are insured up to €2,000!

Here is how Voypost works

Find a traveler

Choose a suitable traveler using the search.

Send your request

Describe the package and terms of delivery. Determine package’s value, and we will insure it. Choose monetary or symbolic reward for a traveler.

Handover the package

Choose a convenient way of transferring the package.

Confirm delivery of the package

Please don’t forget to leave your review about the traveler for other senders.

Earn money while traveling

Publish your trip

Specify the route and dates of the journey.

Accept request for delivery

Choose a convenient option for you, and arrange all the details with a sender.

Deliver the package and earn your reward!

Don’t forget to ask the sender to confirm the delivery and write a review about your experience.

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